Modern Numeral White Acrylic Clock


Modern Numeral White Acrylic Clock will look beautiful hung on your kitchen or living room wall. Its large numbers and two sleek dials allow you to effortlessly keep track of time, while its charming design adds a wonderfully chic vibe to your home.

Selection of clock face colors available.

Selection of clock hands colors and styles available as well.

If you want to choose different color of clock face or different color or style of clock hands, please refer to the pictures showing available styles.

Please write which clock face color and which color and type of clock hands suits you the most in the box below.

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Modern Numeral White Acrylic Clock

Looking for the perfect gift? Modern Numeral White Acrylic Clock is something for you.

An extraordinary and modern Numeral Wall Clock will enchant any observer with its simplicity and beauty.

This clock is made from gloss black acrylic.

Rather than merely being a clock, it is an artful piece of jewellery that will look great in your living room, bedroom or in your office.

This clock is a unique gift to your friends and family for any occasion. It shows your knowledge about their lifestyle & it shows your care.

People will appreciate you spent so much time to find such original gift. Be sure your loved ones will be very happy about such amazing surprise.

It looks just beautiful on a room wall, as a functional modern decor.

You will love it

We have used in this design the best quality quartz movement and as a result  you can rest without being bothered by any ticking sounds.

In addition to great design, black gloss acrylic has been used to create outside of this stunning clock.

Beautifully carved detail accentuates the style of the clock making it a wonderful and practical feature on your wall.

The round clock has black hands* that are accentuated against the white face allowing you to easily read the time.

1 x AA Battery is all that is required to keep time smoothly sweeping over.

We are Laser Designs

Family brand focusing on unique and personalised touch to anything we do.

Our design is really simple and it will look stunning in any room.We would like to bring Laser Design personalised items to all of you guys.

    • Silent Wall Clock: Super Quality Quartz Sweep Movement Guarantees Accurate Time And Almost Silent environment. Good Choice For Home, Office Or classroom.
    • Modern & Simple: Modern Decorative Wall Clock With Elegant Simple Design And Multiple Colors Available,Offers More Uses To Decorate Your Wall To Make Your Home Unique In style.
    • Material:Acrylic
    • Movement:Silent sweep seconds movement
    • Widely used. It can be installed in living room, Bedroom, Classroom, Library, Office, Home. Literally in any room. In other words, It’s a perfect gift for anyone.
    • Overall size: dia 390mm
    • Color: White
    • Remark: 1AA battery
    • Brand: Laser Designs from UK
    • Design and colors of clock hands may vary*
    • If you are looking for different size or color of the clock then please contact us using our online form
    • While every effort is made to ensure the color of the image photographed on the website matches the product, yet sometimes this may slightly vary by eye to eye.
    • Please we must stress, it is the buyer’s responsibility to check all spellings & information is correct as we will not be liable for customer mistake & this may incur a charge to correct

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Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 3 × 39 × 39 cm


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