• LED Night Lights

    LED Night Lights (31)

    We live in the times that provide us with many possibilities in terms of decorating our homes. In earlier times, only paintings on canvas and printed photos were available for home decorations. Today however, there’s a lot more to choose from.
    Read more... All fans of technology or light aesthetics will appreciate this category. See what you can gain by buying LED night lights! Choosing the right decoration for your apartment can be difficult not only because of the variety of products, but also whether they will fit the overall style of a given area. It is worth noting that LED lighting has recently become extremely popular and they are gradually replacing neon lights, which were used for a last few decades. However, when the neon lights are more associated with commercial applications, LED lights will work perfectly both inside your home and in business advertising. It should also be noted that this is a very energy-saving technology, which means that even extremely large LED night lights will not generate high costs. LED night lamps are a great decoration for a bedroom or a children's room. They are also perfect as a gift for a loved one. The design itself is simple: it’s just a transparent plate with engraving highlighted from below. The light will be refracted in places of laser cuts, which will make it visible. With this solution you can create any kind of graphical designs! What's more, you can choose red, green, pink, yellow, blue LED night lights, all in single design if you so desire. A special driver is included with the products, which makes it possible to change the color of the backlight with the use of a simple remote control. Night LED lamps also allow for unique personalization. If your child has his favorite character from television - contact us and we will try to make a design or logo depicting it. Are you looking for a gift for a friend? You can buy an illuminated heart with their names engraved, they will love it!
  • Home Decorations

    Home Decorations (26)

    Wondering how to make your home more stylish? In this category you will find everything you need! We offer the highest quality accessories that will add splendor to your home! Homemade acrylic decorations will work perfectly well!
    Read more...Decorating the house is very important. Thanks to the decorations, guests can appreciate the aesthetic sense of the host. There are many interesting solutions on the market, but the choice is difficult. The most popular way is decorating the walls. Another way is to put decorations on countertops and tables, it is however not a good option for smaller areas, as it may occupy a lot of space. Homemade acrylic decorations is a perfect solution that combines modern laser technology with art. Acrylic is an ideal material for decoration because it looks like glass, but it is much lighter and also cheaper. This category contains all kinds of home-made acrylic decorations that will fit into any flat. It does not matter if it was designed in a modern or traditional way, you can count on a beautiful effect in both cases. We offer home acrylic decorations in the form of images cut with a laser made of acrylic plates. You can buy various types of acrylic decorations from us. If you're a fan of animals - choose an image showing the specimens of nature. Do you love architecture? You will find paintings depicting buildings and their interiors. Or maybe you would prefer the avant-garde style? You won’t be disappointed either! Do you want to buy someone a very special gift? We can make personalized acrylic decorations! How does it work? You can choose the home acrylic decorations that you are interested in, and our specialists will use the graphics or inscription you choose. For example, the inscription might be the name of your friend, mother, brother, etc.
  • Acrylic Clocks

    Acrylic Clocks (33)

    Are you thinking of buying an add-on for your apartment or maybe you are looking for a special gift for your loved ones, because a special occasion is coming soon? Do you want to buy a high quality product, which will also look very aesthetically?
    Read more... The clock will be an ideal idea, because besides the aesthetic function itself, it is primarily a practical tool. Acrylic clocks will work perfectly! The clock is a very important element in every home, and a well-chosen wall clock uniquely beautifies its interior! Acrylic is a very simple material to process. Typically, laser cutting technology is used to create acrylic clocks, which guarantees the best accuracy and aesthetics. Acrylic sheets can be found in many colors, which is why you can count on many interesting possibilities in terms of aesthetics. Thanks to the ease of making acrylic clocks, you can create almost any design on it. For example, those of you that love floral motifs can buy clocks with motifs of nature, while animal fans can buy a clock in the form of a predator's head! The personalized clocks with an unique engraving will also be perfect! How does it work? All you need to do is choose the model on our website and contact us, and we will be put the description you provided to us on the selected clock. The engraving might be anything, for example, a name of your friend, or names of your parents. What's more, if you have your own clock project - you can contact our specialists, and maybe we will be able to create it it together. Of course, clocks with a gift engraving can have various inscriptions, graphics, etc.