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The breathtaking Personalised Night Lights are at your fingertips. Check it NOW!

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These beautiful personalised night lights are our favourite products.

We will personalise each night light with your child’s name or short message. We love the challenges in creating these lights and making them unique for you.

Gift ideas for any occasion.

Our most popular personalised night light would be the unicorn night light. This is an excellent gift for a girl at any age. Our most popular gift for boys is ever-changing between formula one night light and motorbike night light.

Any shape or form does not limit us. We can create nigh light of any type. If you are looking for horse night light, skull night light or baby night light with name. We can do all of them. Just drop us an email. Our designing team will be in touch with you to make your ideas come true.

Looking for a unique personalised gift?

All our personalised night lights are custom made requests from our clients. From the young boy who’s favourite animal is the lion in the shape of the dreamcatcher. To a gift for expecting mom celebrating the birth of a newborn baby. Laser Designs has a great choice of designs and finding perfect night light for babies couldn’t be easier with us.

If you have a request for a design, then please contact us. We will turn your ideas into unique and personalised gifts, but before this, we will send you over a proof for your approval. We want to make sure that every night light for toddlers will be of excellent quality.

newborn baby night light room1 | Laser Designs | Personalised Gift For Her For Him | Birthday Gift | Unique Valentines Gifts For Him For Her| Valentine Gifts For Wife For Husband| Wedding Anniversary Gift |
Newborn Baby Night Light. Perfect Personalised Gift for New Parents.

Can this be more than just a personalised night light?

A lot of children at some stage become a little bit anxious about the dark. Leaving a bright light on for a whole night, not only can interrupt a good nights sleep of your little one, but also could be quite costly on the electricity bill.

Each of our night lights come with a choice of a variety of colours. We have three different sets of the base, which will lit your personalised night light. Each set has various features, from being operated by a remote controller to a touch button, from 7 different colours of light to 17 colours of light.

What colour to choose?

Some colours can brighten up the room quite significantly other options are low light, thus allowing you to dim the light using the remote control.

Using remote you can also choose the colour of the light which will match the mood of for your child.

You can operate our night lights by, battery (not provided), via a USB lead (provided) or straight from main using our power adapter. Make sure that you check the features of our sets so you can choose the one which suits you the most.

The most crucial feature of personalised night lights made by Laser Designs is the fact that you can create merely anything you wish for. Night light for kids doesn’t need to be boring and expensive. We will make sure that we will create something unique and affordable for you.

Is your baby afraid of the dark?

Some kids truly don’t like being left alone in the darkroom. They become worried and concerned when the lights are turned off in their bedroom. Instead of falling asleep, they become very anxious and fearful of each blow of the wind outdoor or when the house creaks. Their imagination is telling them that they have ghosts in the wardrobe or thieves are trying to break into their room.

Nearly all children have been through the point of becoming afraid of the dark. This might not ever actually manifest itself as an actual fear, although, sometimes the light is required to make them feel comfortable and to help them go back to sleep. No matter why kids are afraid of the dark, parents are always concerned and worried about this.

Quite a lot of parents think that solution to help their child to overcome their fear of the dark is to leave the hallway light on while their child’s bedroom door are open. Unfortunately, that often leads to the light shining right in the child’s eyes, and because of that, it still takes over an hour for them to finally fall asleep.

Sheep Valais Black Nose night light room3 | Personalised Sheep Valais Black Nose Night Light | Laser Designs | Personalised Gift For Her For Him | Birthday Gift | Unique Valentines Gifts For Him For Her| Valentine Gifts For Wife For Husband| Wedding Anniversary Gift |
Personalised Sheep Valais Black Nose night light. Perfect night light for toddlers.

Should you be worried?

That is the question nearly all parents ask themselves and its hard for them to understand that the answer is quite simply “no, you shouldn’t.”
Kids being afraid of the dark in the early years of their lives isn’t something unusual so you shouldn’t be worried. In fact its a quite common situation.

You job as a parent is tu understand their feelings and If your child needs a little bit of light to overcome their fears and have a restful night, then so be it. Having nigh light turned on gives a dim source of the light, which is much better than forcing them to sleep in the dark. Otherwise, you may make the problem worse and upset them even more.

What is the solution?

Many parents try to wait until their child is asleep, and then they switch off the light outside the room. That only causes upset if the child wakes in the middle of the night, and if you have told them they could have the light on it may lead to distrust if you suddenly begin switching it off when they’re asleep.

Nightlights are probably the best solution while your child goes through this stage. Night lights are available in all sort of shapes and sizes, and many are in funky colours or animal shapes. Laser Designs can help you with creating the perfect night light for girl or a boy. Unicorn night light might be an excellent idea for a girl, while car night light will be more boys choice.

Leaving a nightlight in child’s bedroom or nursery will enable them to get the comfort and security of light and also enable everyone else in the house to get a good night’s sleep without being bothered by the landing light.

Natural progression

Your child will naturally grow out of sleeping with nightlights in their own time. If you suggest it to them occasionally you will plant seeds that will get them thinking about it again, and eventually help them break the cycle; do not under any circumstance tell them that they have to do it.

Why do you need a personalised night light for kids

Are you aware of the fact that night lights are beneficial to the kids as much as they are to the parents?

The main feature of every night light for babies is to emit a gentle light which will delicately illuminate the surroundings without preventing sleep, making the bedroom cosier and less stressful when trying to fall asleep. But not only that, they help them to feel more comfortable when nigh light reassembles their favourite cartoon character or animal-like elephant, lion or german shepherd.

sea horse nigh light room3 | Personalised Sea Horse Night Light | Laser Designs | Personalised Gift For Her For Him | Birthday Gift | Unique Valentines Gifts For Him For Her| Valentine Gifts For Wife For Husband| Wedding Anniversary Gift |
Personalised sea horse nigh light will help your child to overcome their fear of the dark.

Why night light for toddler is useful

Did you know that personalised night lights for babies have various practical uses? Those can include:

  • Helps parents in checking in on their baby by gently illuminating the room.
    Brings comfort to kids and young children that are afraid of the dark.
  • Helps to prevent your toddler from crying when he or she wakes up and don’t recognise his bedroom because of the dark.
  • The gentle light of night light will make room cosier helping your child fall asleep quicker
  • Illuminate the changing table for midnight diaper changes.
  • Softly illuminates the room helping with night breastfeeding.

Advantages of having night light for toddlers

One of the key benefits of having personalised night light is to help to relieve the fear of the dark. Thanks to the personalised night light, you won’t need to leave the main light to be turned on, because it will emit a delicate, soothing glow that reveals the overall layout of a room and it will make it more familiar to your child.

Thanks to that feature, your baby will feel reassured, that there are no goblins or ghosts in a room, as gentle light will provide the kids with a sense of overall safety, which will help them to fall asleep.

Having an elephant night light lamp, made by Laser Designs, turned on in a child’s bedroom when the infant wakes up at night, will make that he or she won’t feel scared by finding himself immersed in a dark unknown environment. On the opposite, if the personalised night light is reassembling his or hers favoured character, the kid may be able to entertain himself by looking on his beautiful personalised night light and go back to sleep more relaxed.

Another great feature of personalised night lights is the fact that they might resemble a favourite cartoon character. Thanks to that great feature, waking up in the night and looking on something your baby knows well and likes a lot, will bring a smile on their face and it will help them to ease their fears and help them to fall asleep again.

Advantages of having night light for the parents

When you have a newly born baby, it is sure that you will suffer from lack of sleep. You will be exhausted all the time and in this condition its easy to step on a toy and hurt yourself when you are going to feed your baby.

I bet you heard stories, which are real by the way, that stepping on a Lego block, is the worst pain in the whole wide world. Believe me. It is the worst pain in the whole wide world, and you want to avoid it for all cost.

Night lights provide dim, non-invasive lighting that enables you to conveniently check in on your kid without risking of waking him or her up by switching on a harsh overhead light.

You can avoid hurting your self and stay on the safe side thanks to our night light which provides delicate illumination. You can prevent from tripping over stairs, obstacles, or even pets on your way to the nursery, thanks to ambient gently light, provided by our night light, You will stay safe, and you won’t wake your child with your scream, which is a win-win situation for kids and parents.

Personalised night light will help you to stay safe

Once your night duty as a parent is done, you will want to return to your bedroom safe and unharmed by toys on the floor or pieces of furniture on your way. You can rely on Personalised night lights from Laser Designs, that they will provide you with dim light to help you see through the dark, which will make it easier for you to return to your bedroom.

The bright ceiling light can cause your brain to become alert and active, as opposed to a dim light provided by our night lights, which will provide enough illumination in your baby’s nursery room to safely walk in and out and get back to your bed to carry on on your sleep.

One of the most ECO-friendly features of LED night lights is the fact that they use way less electricity than ceiling lights. Leaving turned on ceiling lights on the outside of the child’s room with the door slightly opened, may have a significant impact on your electricity bills and still be harmful to your baby sleeping time.

Using a night light will provide more uniform and less invasive lighting, which will help you, child, to fall asleep quickly while allowing you to save on the electricity bill. Its a perfect solution for any parent having kids afraid of the dark.

poo night light room1 | Personalised Poo Night Light |Laser Designs | Personalised Gift For Her For Him | Birthday Gift | Unique Valentines Gifts For Him For Her| Valentine Gifts For Wife For Husband| Wedding Anniversary Gift |
Personalised poo night light will make laugh everyone.

Which night light to choose?

When you are looking for a night light, you need to be aware that, baby night lights come in different sizes and shapes. If you are looking for a lamp that best suit your child’s age, the type of bedroom, etc., You need to be aware of what basic features to look for when shopping for a night light.

Friendly Illumination

Please be vigilant that some older models may still feature light bulbs or neon panels which are not safe for you child and neither for your family budget as they consume a lot of electricity.
Most new night lights come with a LED as their primary light source.

If you want o to be ECO-friendly, then you need to choose LED night lights because they will help you to save electricity. LED night lights are low-cost illumination, which provides a more stable and uniform light that won’t hurt your child’s eyes.
Thanks to that, your baby will find himself in a warmly illuminated bedroom which will help him fall asleep again instead of keeping him awake.

Easy Operation

Did you know that night light can contribute to your child’s development? Besides helping him to get a good night’s sleep. Operation of the lamp can be a great practical way to improve his learning capabilities.

While an infant will simply benefit from the soft illumination you set for him. A bigger child will be able to manage this by himself. A lamp that is operated by remote control instead of touch buttons, where you can choose the colour of the illumination light. Can be an excellent opportunity for your kid to learn how to use it and become more autonomous. This way it will develop a new set of skill helping him to make his independent choices.

Extra Functionality

Just like every electronic device in our lives, the night light can have additional features as well. Not always the more you can do with it, it’s better. Make sure you will choose exactly the one which will suit your needs.
When shopping for this type of device, check out what features it comes. Some useful ones might be:

  • Timer
  • Waterproofing
  • LED Carrousel
  • Brightness Control
  • Touch Sensitive Operation

Perfect night light to read

Parents know that it is crucial to set the right atmosphere when reading a bedtime story. Do that and your child will feel more comfortable to fall asleep during a bedtime story.

If you want to find a perfect night light for a bedtime story. You need to look for the one whose brightness can be adjusted. It will provide gentle, soft lighting that’s enough for you to read but won’t keep your baby awake until you run out of night stories.

Night Light to set the mood

Whether you are looking for the night light to brighten a room when watching in the night. Or to replace traditional candles which can be hazardous by starting the fire.
If you are looking to add a touch of originality to the occasion. You should invest in night light, or even in a combination of multiple night lights. The perfect solution might be night light in the shape of a love heart. You can add a personalised message, to let know how much you love this particular person.

Personalised night light as a gift

While providing the type of warm, soft illumination that will reassure your kids while they go to sleep. Night light represents a convenient solution as a gift for any occasion.

Whether you want to celebrate a newborn baby or want to surprise your loved ones with a unique gift for their birthday. Laser Designs has designs for any occasion. A personalised night light is an excellent gift idea because you can customise it to suit your needs.

Personalised night lights can be designed to resemble any kind of shape. There is no limits for us. We can create for you a night light in the form of a love heart with a personalised message. We can make as well nigh light in the form of your children favoured animal with birthday wishes. Whatever you like, we can do it.

love swans night light room3 | Personalised Love Swans Night Light | Laser Designs | Personalised Gift For Her For Him | Birthday Gift | Unique Valentines Gifts For Him For Her| Valentine Gifts For Wife For Husband| Wedding Anniversary Gift |
Personalised love swans night light. Perfect gift for someone special.

What can be done?

We live in times that provide us with many possibilities in terms of decorating our homes. In earlier times, only paintings on canvas and printed photos were available for home decorations. However, there’s a lot more to choose nowadays.

All fans of technology or light aesthetics will appreciate this category. Check for yourself what you can gain by buying Personalised night lights!
Choosing the right decoration for your apartment can be difficult. Not only because of the variety of products but also whether they will fit the overall style of a given area.
It is worth noting that LED lighting has recently become extremely popular. They are gradually replacing neon lights, which were used for the last few decades.

However, when the neon lights are more associated with commercial applications. LED lights will work perfectly both inside your home and in business advertising. It should also be noted that this is a very energy-saving technology. This means that even extremely large LED night lights will not generate high costs.

We can do it all

Personalised night lamps are a great decoration for a bedroom or a children’s room. They are also perfect as a gift for a loved one. The design itself is quite sophisticated. It’s a transparent acrylic sheet cut by high-quality laser machine into a form designed by our designer’s team. It has an engraving¬† which is highlighted from below. The light will be refracted in places of laser engraving, which will make it visible. With this solution, you can create anything you will imagine!
What’s more, you can choose various colours to lit it up, from red, green, pink, yellow, blue and many more. In our LED night lights, we are using a unique electronic driver. This thing makes it possible to change the colour of the backlight with the use of simple remote control.

Night LED lamps also allow for unique personalisation. If your child has his favourite character from television. Contact us, and we will try to make a design or logo depicting it. Are you looking for a gift for a friend? You can buy an illuminated love heart with their names engraved, and they will love it!

Ideas for personalised night lights

Not sure what to choose? We can help you with some ideas.

3D horse night light might be a great gift idea for horse lovers and ideal night light for girl.

Another idea is formula one night light or car night light. This might be more suitable as a night light for a boy who loves racing cars or needs to fill up his vehicle themed room with something appropriate to his interests.

Don’t forget about your loved one and perfect gifts for Valentine’s day. Buying love heart night light might be an ideal way of expressing your feeling to your soulmate. What can be better than expressing your love with a personalised message engraved in heart shape nigh light?

We can create personalised night light in any shape and for any occasion. You won’t find them on Amazon.
If you are unsure what to get. Simply drop us a message and our super friendly team will help you to choose a perfect personalised night light as a gift for any occasion.


Personalised Children's Night Lights

Read more... Laser Designs is a family-owned business. Our focus is to add a unique and personalised touch to anything we do. We create unique and personalised designs that look stunning in any room. Personalised Children's Night Lights are our favourite and best selling products. You can personalise each night light for FREE with your baby's name, nickname or short message. Its a perfect gift for any occasion like birthday, Valentines, Easter or Christmas.

Personalised Newborn Night Lights

Our Personalised Kids Night Light is more than just a bedside lamp. Our night light is a unique and incredible gift, and the only thing better than that is a unique personalised gift. We have a very experienced design team which can turn your ideas into something special for you loved ones. We can create nearly everything, from unicorn night light, through car night light ending on nigh light for newborn babies.

Personalised Children's Night Light

At some point, most of the children are going through a stage where they are afraid of the dark. Thanks to soft illumination, our night light will help your child to overcome their fears. Using a child's friendly remote controller, you can change colours of the light. With few clicks on the remote, you can also dim the light, setting it up the way you want. Thanks to this fantastic feature, you will set up the ideal colour and brightness of the light, which won't disturb your little one.

Personalised Kids Night Light

Our personalised newborn night light is a perfect gift for parents who are looking for soft and gentle light solution helping them to check on their baby without disrupting sleep. Personalised night light from laser designs, is a win-win situation for parents because they won't bump in anything at night. But also won't disturb children while falling asleep.

Birthday Personalised Night Lights

So if you are looking for a unique personalised birthday gift, then don't look any further as we got it covered all. Just contact us with your ideas, and we will help you to make it happen.