Wedding Gift ideas

Weddings are a huge deal, for everyone but especially for the couple. It is their day, where they feel loved and important. Moreover, it is a special day for friends, family and guests too. After all, the one couple we have all be waiting. Has finally taken their vows to love and respect each other for a lifetime.

They invite friends and family to share this massive celebration with them. Having been invited to a wedding, one must prepare for certain things. Clothes, perhaps a date and of course, a present or a wedding gift for the wife and hubby.

Unique and personalised

Although it must seem that the number of gifts stacked up on a table for the couple, will make your gift go unnoticed, however, that is hardly the case. For the newlyweds, every gift counts, it is more like a token of love for them, from you. However, finding a perfect gift can be a hard task. What is it that they must want? What will put a smile on their faces? So on!

Make it unique and personalised

We are here to solve that problem! Yes, when you cannot decide on a perfect gift for your ideal couple, customisation is the key!

Personalised laser engraved gifts at amazing prices, that something you can find in our shop. We offer LED night lights, acrylic clocks and home decoration.
Here is a list of gifts you can choose from, which are not only fantastic looking but will be “the” perfect gift for the couple.

Love Heart Red Acrylic Clock

This acrylic clock is a beautiful customised and handmade piece of art. It is a perfect gift for the newlyweds to have it in their new house. You have an option of choosing from a variety of colours. You can mention the name of the bride and groom on the clock too! People develop an emotional affection for personalised gifts which is why we try our best to provide our customers with highly personalised gift items.
Its Cute, isn’t it? There is more to choose from our wide range of personalised acrylic wall clocks.

Love Swan Night Light

Okay, We will be a little biased here because We absolutely love this one! This one is the prettiest piece to gift someone. You can personalise it by engraving the name of the couple or a cute quote. In the premium set, it can be changed to 16 static colours and has four modes. Lights are essential for ambience. We want our customers to have an excellent lightening experience. We offer high quality and personalised light gifts that are sure to make your house shine and boost the ambience of your room.

Love Heart Leafs Acrylic Wall Decoration

This wall decoration piece has a very classy and luxurious look attached to it. As the name suggests, it is heart in shape made from acrylic leaves. It comes with self-adaptive pads; all you have to do is fix them to the wall.
Laser Designs has a lot of variety of laser engraved cute and elegant items which are not only customisable but amazing in prices too! So check out their website, We are sure you will find that perfect gift for the perfect couple!

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