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Laser Designs

We are Laser Designs and we have started our business in 2016. Nowadays everything is manufactured in China and everything looks exactly the same but we have decided that we will be focusing on personal and unique touch to all of our designs  Since then we kept growing to the point where we decided that our next step is to start selling online.Because of that we have launched our brand new website.

Laser Designs is a small family run business that create, unique & bespoke personalised products from acrylic and wood. We offer great prices, efficient service and fast delivery times. Our aim is to supply unique, quality products & exceed our customers expectations, we pride ourselves in producing the highest quality products possible. Laser Design also offer a design, laser cutting & engraving service. As a result, we have supplied businesses to individuals & achieve a variety of different products.

We have a wealth of experience in designing laser cut products and if you have any ideas then don’t hesitate to contact us for design advice. Visit our store to discover great original gift ideas. To make our items extra special, we can easily customise all of them in the manufacturing process. We are proud that all our items are made here in UK. The process of production for all of our acrylic items begins with us and blank sheet of acrylic. We design, edit, laser cut, laser etch, assemble, and package our items ourselves. Almost all of our items are custom orders. Because of that, we do communicate with our buyers on a regular basis to ensure the design is correct. Furthermore, we also send proofs of our items for approval if needed.

owl dreamcatcher nigh light room2
owl dreamcatcher night light room2

Personalised Night Lights

Our LED edge lit night lights are unique products as everything else what we create. Our night lamps have two main elements. Base and the acrylic insert. We are selling base in 3 different types:

  • premium which has the highest quality materials used plus its powered by ac adapter and has up to 17 colors of light to choose controlled by remote.
  • Standard plus base is powered by batteries or usb cable controlled by remote with 7 colors to chose.
  • Standard base is also 7 colors but controlled by touch button powered by batteries or usb cable.

Acrylic inserts

To produce the best possible visual effect of lightning in the night we would engrave and gently scorch unique design on to a clear acrylic using our laser cutting and engraving machine.

You can personalise it with any name or text and we will make sure ti will look fabulous. What is important with the inserts is that, that you can just replace only the insert. There is no need to buy a whole new set of night lamp to have new design.

Unique Home Decorations

Our decorations are unique and they can be cut in different sizes and colors plus you can personalise them. Please have a look on the range of decorations we offer on our website.

Stunning Acrylic Wall Clocks

Our clocks are unique. Therefore, our clocks can represents the theme the person likes the most. For example we got German Shepherd shape clock for dog lovers. In other words, we can create nearly everything you wish for. Most importantly, all items can be personalised by adding text or name for special ones. Similarly, we can cut it in different sizes or colors and add different types and colors of clock hands to make it special. Please see our clocks on our web page to check if you can find something really interesting for your self.

What is really unique with our clocks is, that we are using high quality quartz smooth movement mechanisms which means that there is no ticking at all. The seconds hand just flows through the time making it hypnotizing while watching.

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